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At Paint Rock River Canoe & Kayak, we have a large selection of Jackson Riviera Kayaks, available for rental. We offer sit-on-top, traditional models, and single or 2-person kayaks. When you arrive, a member of our team will take you to the water’s edge and give you an orientation that includes:

• Getting on your kayak safely
• Basic paddling techniques
• Different routes
• Safety issues

We allow 3-4 people for a typical trip. There is no time limit. Please visit contact us for more information and to schedule your visit.



Jackson Kayaks are well designed, built and manufactured. Many of the top kayaks today and for over the last decade are from Jackson Kayak. Jackson Kayak has set the bar in paddle powered kayak fishing designs. Their kayaks are truly amazing designs that have re-set the bar for kayak for performance, user friendliness, and usability.

The Riviera is Jackson Kayak’s blend of easy and FUN! Designed for its simplicity, the Riviera is a great option for those looking for an easy to use, easy to store, and comfortable sit on top. The high back on the seat gives you the comfort and support you need to to enjoy your paddling adventures, and with very few moving parts, the Riviera is sure to provide fun for a lifetime.

Jackson Kayak’s most loved Riviera just got even more FUN, now available as a Tandem. The “Rivi-T” offers the same comfortable high-back seat on both the front and back sitting location. A tandem sit on top allows you to work together when paddling, or simply bring someone along for a ride.

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